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MUCCA, which means “cow” in Italian, was created in 2028 by the Oliveira family.
We are a 100% Azorean brand, with a strong connection to nature, who values and uses regional products in the production of our products. We use local raw materials and promote all the best things made in the Azores.
It’s in our factory that everything happens, the products are developed and made from fresh milk, from the day, coming from our own farm. Thus, we are able to guarantee quality raw material, which offers an unparalleled distinction to the final product.
Our mission is to respect and value the raw material, milk, which not only represents the essence of our identity as a brand, but also has a strong impact on the Azorean economy. This commitment contributed to the company, in 2018 and 2019, being recognized by the Association of Young Farmers of Micaelenses with the Excellent Producer award.
Hand in hand with Nature, MUCCA allies itself with the Marca Açores stamp, aiming to promote Azorean products and thus contributing to the growth of their production and dissemination. This alliance allows us to ally ourselves with quality products exclusively produced in the Region.
Our range of products includes milk of the day, fresh cheese, yoghurts and ice cream, in various flavors and sizes. We work daily to go further in offering our products. We are constantly changing and improving, always looking to meet our customers’ needs.
We want our customers to identify MUCCA as a brand of quality products that cares about nature and sustainability.
As we are a family business, Azorean families are part of our daily lives. We want to be at the table of all Azoreans, offering quality and distinct products.

MUCCA, naturally tasty.


We emerged in 2018, within the Oliveira family.


We are a 100% Azorean brand that cares about quality, sustainability and nature.


We want to be increasingly present at the table of all Azoreans, promoting the best that is done in the Azores.



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