The company was born in 2018 with a very original name – Mucca, which means cow in Italian, represents the strong connection of the Azores to nature and to all its products, which are 100% regional.

It’s in our factory that everything happens. But here, on our new website, you can learn a little more about our company, how we work and what products we offer. It was thanks to AcoresPro, a company specialized in Web Design and Digital Marketing, that we were able to develop this website in order to reach all our customers.

Mucca’s website is responsive, which means it is prepared to adapt to any mobile device, such as mobile phones and tablets, in order to ensure that all users have a good experience on our website.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate was also implemented, an encryption technology that aims to increase browsing security, to make your experience on the website more secure.

In addition to our wide variety of ice creams, at Mucca we have many other products that will undoubtedly catch your eye thanks to the quality of everything we produce. Contact us for more information about our products or where to buy them!

MUCCA, naturally tasty.